Rainbow Confetti balloon - Larger 40cm Size

This Little Party

Sale price $6.95 Regular price $7.95

Gorgeous rainbow confetti balloon for a fabulous rainbow party!

The 40cm size is the perfect in-between from a regular size balloon and the jumbo size.

A professional quality 40cm latex balloon is carefully filled with jumbo 3.8cm round rainbow confetti. Or simply send through a message for a custom colour confetti combo at no extra cost!

A note about using helium in confetti balloons: To help confetti to stick when using helium (as in this photo), use a mix of 20% air and 80% helium. Please send us a message with any questions about this. Some inflation services use hi-float/ gel helium extender in confetti balloons to help the confetti to stick - this method may deteriorate the confetti.

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