Giant Confetti Balloon Kit with Tassels


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All in one, affordable giant balloon kit available in rainbow, pinks & gold & silver!

These gorgeous confetti balloon kits are perfect for the budget conscious party planner!

Each Kit contains:
 1 x 90cm/3ft Clear Biodegradable Latex Balloon - a normal balloon shape (not round)
7 x Tissue Tassels (colours vary)
1 x pack of 2cm Confetti Circles made form tissue paper (colours vary)
1 x 2m Cotton String

Super easy to assemble!

Step 1: Fill Balloon with supplied confetti 

Step 2: Inflate Balloon with Helium 

Step 3: Assemble your balloon tassels by rolling and twisting each tassel and attaching to supplied string 

Step 4: Hang tassels from the bottom of the balloon and tie to the balloon neck. 

Step 5: Party-on!

Can be taken to your closest Party Supply store to fill with Helium!

Balloon is sent flat ready for inflation.

Available in rainbow, pink and silver & gold confetti

These balloons kits are part of our affordable party balloon range. Check out our store for our top-end range and customisable party décor :) 

A note about using helium in confetti balloons: To help confetti to stick when using helium (as in this photo), use a mix of 20% air and 80% helium. Please send us a message with any questions about this. Some inflation services use hi-float/ gel helium extender in confetti balloons to help the confetti to stick - this method may deteriorate the confetti

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